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08 August 2009 @ 12:44 am
ok i was wondering because i see it at everyone's graphic journal under their rules for taking their icons. how do you get the part where you say something like:

. feel free to join/watch community for updates

how do you get that 'join/watch' part clickable?

ok i have to go to bed now. i have a massage scheduled for the morning. before you think i am spoiled, i have a really bad lower back problem. :P
probably from sitting in this damn chair making icons!
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Beccaquiddity_ on August 8th, 2009 05:03 am (UTC)
like a link? o_O <a href="url here">join/watch</a>
do you have an example? :P
Heather: jessica1setentpet on August 8th, 2009 01:13 pm (UTC)
I think that you and messdestruction answered my question. Thanks!
Amayaneatmonster on August 8th, 2009 10:19 am (UTC)
Heather: jessicasetentpet on August 8th, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
I think that you and quiddity_ answered my question. Thanks!

I will use those links with her code.
Amayaneatmonster on August 8th, 2009 02:00 pm (UTC)
great :D