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15 June 2009 @ 06:54 pm
Sam Winchester Lims  
Go sign up for this great contest. Especially you lotra!!!

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larger than life and twice as uglylotrabc on June 16th, 2009 08:59 am (UTC)
I have a stupid question. What does lims mean? I've been wondering for a while and know you won't laugh if I ask.

Also, MAN you are making me feel bad, lol. I haven't made art in forever it feels like. However, I will probably snag so many icons. Is snagging allowed?

I should probably go back and read to see if they answer that when it's not 2 a.m. ha ha.

And, you are icons are FUCKING AWESOME, Cali!!!! Looking down your page is just like....WOW. Not that I had forgotten, but still. :D
Heathersetentpet on June 16th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
lims = last icon maker standing. each week you make an icon and the worst quality icons are voted and and people get eliminated and whoever is left in the end is the lims.

thanks, iam glad you like them. making icons is like crack or something, lol.

snagging is allowed but most of the time you have to give credit. : )
larger than life and twice as uglylotrabc on June 19th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
Ohhh, okay. Thanks for that!

Icon making is pretty damn fun, but seriously, I could not churn out consistently great ones like you. I was looking through the awards on your profile and it was just like....DAYUM, and such. =D

And cool, I will probably ending up taking some from that contest. I'm considering getting a paid account so I can have more icons, lol.
Heathersetentpet on June 19th, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
you are welcome. i know you can make great icons. its just a matter of time before i get you hooked on something else, lol.

thanks for the compliment but others are way much better and i have no idea how they do it but i will learn!

i was thinking about starting my own lims community but i think i have to figure out how to make headers and layouts and stuff first.